07 Nov A Perfectly Timed Arrival




Global Worker Feature

Ministry Location: Asia

It was a normal Sunday morning for a newly founded underground church that meets in a youth community center in an urban poor community. The small stools were put in place, the worship band gathered early to practice and the steamed buns were ready to be passed out. But the pastor of this small but faithful congregation was on edge. He received a word from the Holy Spirit earlier that week that there would be unwanted guests that Sunday. He did not know who they would be but he could assume that they would be the police. He could have canceled the service, but instead he prayed fervently.

Every Sunday they have a security person who stands at the entrance to keep an eye out for the police or unfamiliar people. And so, he pulled the security leader aside and let her know what had been put on his heart. He took precautions but continued to pray fervently for God’s protection. That Sunday as the people took to their stools and the buns were passed out and the worship band started playing, everything went as normal. After he had finished preaching he dismissed the congregation. Just a few short minutes after most of the people had left the building, the police showed up. They walked around and they noticed the children’s toys and youth activities from the community center but there was already no evidence that a church had met there. And so, after asking the typical questions, the authorities left. The pastor did not know what exactly delayed the arrival of the police, but he knew his Heavenly Father had timed it perfectly.

Prayer Request:

Pray for the safety of believers in underground churches. Pray that they would remain strong in their faith and that the message of the gospel would continue to spread despite the fear of opposition or persecution.


#FortheSilenced #200Million

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