08 Nov INDIA: House Churches Under Surveillance to Prevent Worship

Source: Morning Star News | Voice of the Martyrs

Police in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu have put several house churches under surveillance in an effort to prevent their use for Christian worship. House church congregations in several villages were warned to stop meeting altogether. Pastors of these small gatherings have been harassed and ordered to get permission from district officials in order to conduct prayer services.

India is officially a secular nation and courts have repeatedly stated that no permission is required for worship in homes. This has not stopped local officials from demanding such permits, often after complaints from others in the community who do not wish to have any Christian activities in their village. For more details on the opposition frequently faced by believers in India, see our country report.

Please lift up in prayer the harassed members of these small house churches and their spiritual leaders. Ask the Lord to grant them wisdom, discernment and favour as they come into contact with community members who are opposed to Christianity. Pray that the local governing officials will abide by the laws of their nation — providing freedom and protection to all — so that the growth of the church can move forward unhindered and more of India’s citizens can receive needed ministry.


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