09 Nov No Room For Fear




Global Worker Feature

Location: North Africa

The church in this province had only existed for mere months. And that’s not just this denomination or specific gathering; it was the first and only gathering of believers for a hundred kilometers. And now the fledgling group of Christ-followers was facing a test: persecution. Some new believers had been followed through streets and alleys. Others had received threatening phone calls. One was called in for a meeting with the secret police, who covered his head and drove him to a different city to interrogate him.

Things had been peaceful during the initial months. This was something very new. We ceased meeting as a large group. It was difficult. I couldn’t escape thinking about it. It consumed my thoughts.

As I concluded the time of study in the word with the three young men in my living room, I turned to ask them what we should be praying about. I knew we would have to pray about this new challenge of persecution. But the first request was about a sick relative. And the second was unrelated too. And then one of them said that there was a very important prayer request. I expected that now we would pray for the persecution we were undergoing. But once again, the perspective of these local brothers surprised me. There were Christians living in a different middle eastern country who were being killed and the police were doing nothing about it. That was what they desperately wanted to pray about. After we finished praying that evening, one of the three picked up his phone and texted his sick relative to say that we had prayed for them. There was no room for giving into fear, no room for focusing on our difficulties. These young believers were showing me how to walk boldly with faith in Jesus and risking so that others can know.

#PrayforthePersecutedChurch #PrayforRANworkersinNorthAfrica

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