01 Nov Pray for Colombia

Ranked #47 most dangerous country to be a Christian on the 2019 World Walch List.

Colombia has a long history of organized crime and corruption. An increase in new armed groups and the growth of illegal crops has kept the level of violence high. Various criminal groups take possession of villages and place difficult restrictions on churches. Christian leaders have been abducted and some murdered as intolerance for Christianity has increased.

“ We prepare children…so that they can help their communities,always reflecting the love of God in everything they do.” – Jose* from Colombia


49.5 million | 47 million Christians


President Iván Duque Márquez


  1. Pray for strength and protection for Christian leaders as they withstand persecution.
  2. Pray that Christians would remain strong and steadfast in Christ.


Source: IODP Canada | http://idop.ca/

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