04 Nov Pray for India

Source: IODP Canada

India is ranked #10 most dangerous country to be a Christian on the 2019 World Watch List.


1.35 billion | 65 million Christians


Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The leader of a radical Hindu group in India has declared that by the end of 2021, they want to remove Christianity from India. Churches are regularly monitored and disrupted. Police officers rarely intervene when Christians are persecuted. Some groups are working to make Indian rule exclusively Hindu and in some areas it’s illegal to convert to Christianity. Those who do convert are often attacked or even killed. Sharing the gospel has dangerous consequences, yet God is strengthening His Church and many believers want to share Christ.

Don’t be afraid when persecution comes to you. It’s part of the Christian life. It’s a privilege to be persecuted.” – Bahia* from India.


  • Pray for families of pastors to stay Christ-centred and stand firm in persecution.
  • Pray for Christians who are sharing the gospel in areas where conversion is illegal.



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