01 Nov Pray for Afghanistan


36.4 million | a few thousand Christians


President Ashraf Ghani

Ranked #2 most dangerous country to be a Christian on the 2019 World Watch List.

Officially there are no Christians in Afghanistan. Believers are in hiding and although there are small groups of Christians, there is no organized church. Christians are intensely cautious about who they share their faith with. If a believer is found out, they could be excluded from the community, admitted to a mental institution, or killed for their faith.


“When I brought the New Testament into my house…I began to read from the Bible and she started to walk!” – Saif* from Afghanistan

Saif* heard the gospel on a Christian radio broadcast. He came to faith later on, after his daughter was healed. Saif and his wife face daily pressure and live as secret believers.



  1. Pray for secret believers in Afghanistan to grow in number and in unity.
  2. Pray that the Lord would comfort Christians in their isolation.

Source: IODP Canada | http://idop.ca/

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