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Global Worker Feature

Location: North Africa

‘Fatima’ walked through the doors of the ESL centre for the first time and met some of the first foreigners she had ever seen. Though timid at first, she quickly became comfortable with these strange people and new surroundings as ‘Sandy’, and ‘Robert’ (two foreign believers) immediately befriended her and quelled her initial feelings of apprehension. She felt welcome here and a strong relationship began to develop. Much time was spent with Fatima – sharing about Jesus and showing her love and acceptance, when eventually the decision was made that she also wanted to become a follower of Jesus, like her new friends. Exciting news! She enthusiastically dove in head first to learn more about what it means to become a follower of Jesus. Her excitement was hard to contain and her transformation quickly became quite dramatic and very apparent!

Not long afterwards, her family took serious exception to what had just happened to their daughter. They locked ‘Fatima’ in her room for two weeks having no contact with the outside world other than the sheikh from the local mosque. Their hopes were that she come to her senses and reject these heretical ideas returning once again to her Islamic roots. When she didn’t, further steps were taken by the family. A request was made for ‘Fatima’s’ uncle to travel from the family’s home village to ‘take care’ of the problem once and for all. Was ‘Fatima’ about to make the ultimate sacrifice for choosing to become a follower of Jesus?

One evening, ‘Sandy’ received a phone. It was ‘Fatima’ crying, loud yelling was heard in the background with clear sounds of physical violence. “I can never see you again. Please don’t call me anymore.” Was the message received by ‘Sandy’. The situation was looking quite grim. Many fervent prayers were offered on ‘Fatima’s’ behalf and ‘Sandy’ and ‘Robert’ scrambled to see what they could do to help this young believer before it was too late.

Soon after this phone call, ‘Fatima’ ran away from her home and through local connections secured passage to an undisclosed location where she was free from threats on her life and able pursue her walk with God in peace. Two+ years passed with no word as to her location, condition, or circumstances when one day a mutual friend informed ‘Sandy’ and ‘Robert’ that ‘Fatima’ was not only alive and doing well, but after finding safety abroad had returned to another Middle-Eastern country with a burden and passion to help others like her come to know and walk with Jesus the way she does. She now is part of a ministry team in the MENA region reaching Muslims with the Gospel.

Prayer Request:

Please pray for her and the work God has called her to do in a region that desperately needs more ‘Fatimas’.

#PrayforthePersecutedChurch #200Million

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