06 Nov There’s No Way I Can Go Back!



Global Worker Feature

Location: North Africa

Three years had passed since the first cups of tea were drunk together in front of ‘Jonathan’s’ shop. Many words had been spoken about God, faith, religion, and Jesus, but ‘Jonathan’ had always made it clear that though there were many similarities between what ‘Albert’ believed and what ‘Jonathan’ believed, he could never accept that Jesus was God’s Son or that He died on the cross. But today’s conversation was different. ‘Jonathan’ was pensive, more than usual. ‘Albert’ could see something had changed.

As the two men sat on the sidewalk drinking tea one more time, watching cars and people go by, discussing football, politics, family, and what Jesus’ death on the cross means for mankind, there seemed to be an openness that hadn’t been there before – an openness to the idea that maybe, just maybe Jesus could be God and his death on the cross may have bought our freedom from sin and its consequences. Part way through the conversation, with a resolute look on his face, ‘Jonathan’ looked up at ‘Albert’ and said “… and all I have to do is believe? That’s it?… I will do that, I will believe!”

With ‘Albert’s’ heart about to explode out of his chest from the excitement, he took a moment to compose himself, remind himself of the context, and began explaining what this decision actually meant. This was no game that ‘Jonathan’ was playing; what he was choosing to do would change his life in the most dramatic ways possible for eternity. Yet, at the same time it would also most likely bring about dreadful persecution in his life. It was going to be a difficult road ahead and he may have to pay a high price for what he had just done. ‘Jonathan’s’ response blew ‘Albert’ away.

He said: “I know what they can do to me for this, but my eyes have just been opened to the truth and there’s no way I can go back! I will face what comes.”

Since that day, ‘Jonathan’ has grown in his walk with God in leaps and bounds and is also helping several others like him do the same. Though, it has not been an easy journey. He has faced a great many issues with his family and old friends due the changes they have seen in his life. Many have left him and his brothers have begun to treat him terrible and make awful accusations. Through it all, though, he has remained faithful to his decision to be a follower of Jesus AND also remained at home, living with his family, in hopes that they too would become followers. ‘Albert and ‘Jonathan’ pray together regularly for his family. One day, ‘Jonathan’s’ sister came to him, with fear and trembling in her voice, and said to him “you are different. You haven’t just changed, but it’s like the old ‘you’ died and there’s a new you here. I want to know God like you do”.

Prayer Request:

Please pray for the rest of ‘Jonathan’s’ family – pray that the rest of them would come to the same conclusion.

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